Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project Runway: The Best of The Best

Design by Logan
source Lifetime

I just watched Project Runway and I'm crying and shaking. How could they?! I see a little Karl Lagerfeld in that dress, so how can that be a bad thing?! I'm so emotional i can't even talk about the drama in the episode.

Irina and Althea being catty.

Blasphemy Althea! What the fuck are you saying?

Logan being cute and hot as usual.
source Lifetime

How can you even hate him? He makes me want to melt into the ground. I think he and Carol Hannah would make such a cute couple, just saying.

Althea and Irina had similar sweaters so they were being all catty when they got called out for that. And Irina wasn't happy when Althea won because she thinks she's the best and she deserves to win. Whatever bitch, or like Trang Pak would say, mai yan mai!

Christopher's design.
source Lifetime

Someone calm me down. I planned to hate on Christopher, but i can't really hate since his dress wasn't that bad after all. He could have took away that white mess, and put that applique on the hem of that dress. So enough of defending Christopher, cause he must really leave next week. I mean all he does is cry and talk about how much he wants to win. Get over it already.

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