Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adam Vs. Rihanna

Both singers unveil the covers of their forthcoming albums on the same day. Both 'For Your Entertainment' and 'Rated R' are slated for a November release. And things get a tad too creepy when both singers are striking the same pose. Judge for yourselves.

For your entertainment. Not.
source EW

Scarred for eternity, Rihanna shows a darker side to her.
source PopEater

While it's understandable that Rihanna is trying to cover the external wounds on her face, Adam Lambert has no excuse of making the same pose. I prefer Rihanna's grittier look, and apparently she has a new-found love for masochism (she's wearing a torture glove/device of some sort). That "Hit Me Baby One More Time" cover is definitely on the way.

Adam's cover, on the other hand, is cheese to the max, which makes us throw up a little every time we see it. Pouty lips, yellow mascara and a terribly-dyed hair do not cut it for a great album cover, maybe except for Madonna. And what's with the galaxy background.

What do you think of the covers? Which one do you like better?

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Anonymous said...

definitely rihanna's! Glambert's one like total airbrush to the max. Idk, i see the cover and i'm like '90's flashback'.