Monday, October 26, 2009

ANTM Cycle 13

I guess we're kinda late posting about this season's ANTM because there are only 6 beautiful young ladies left, but I'm still gonna write about it so deal with it.

source LA Times

ANTM is amazing because it allows both of us to mock those girls every week. So before the next episode airs on television, I'm going to introduce the girls that we mock every week.

source CWTV

Object of mockery number one. like who the fuck poses like that?!

Gisele on DANSK
source Magxone

so please learn from Gisele, who happens to look stunning. Moving on from that hideous pose, we really hate Sundai. I can't really say why but let's just assume we hate her because she's really annoying, which she happens to be. The previous week when Erin won the challenge, Sundai was the only one who had something to say. And it's always Sundai dissing the other contestants. like fuck you, you're the shortest.

source CWTV

Object of mockery number two is Jennifer, just because she has a wonky left eye. Don't you just love her?

So for next week's episode, we're both rooting for Nicole and obviously we want Sundai out.

Another thing. I've noticed how none of the girls wear heels to the deliberation things and I suspect it's because the producers of the show restrict them to flat shoes. It's really sly of them to do that. So much for teaching them how to lengthen out their bodies.

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jefrypratama said...

I'm a Jennifer fan because she's able to smize despite her paralyzed eye.