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'ANTM' Recap: Body Painting

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13: Let's Go Surfing
source LA Times

On this week's episode of ANTM, the girls come home to a crime scene.

Sundai, being the drama queen that she is, jumps when she sees the exterminators. You can even catch her saying "WOW" in the picture.

"This is the most disgusting top model house that I have ever seen. I have to bring in house maintenance to come and quarantine this house because it's so disgusting. Did you see these red tapes. Danger. Danger. Danger!" Tyra proclaims. In all seriousness though, these girls are nasty. The house is filled with hairballs (no shit, someone in the house is facing severe balding issues), ants in the bathroom and food mess, which is totally understandable because on several occasions, I've left cups of milk in the open till it fermented into yogurt. I dare say my room is cleaner, and I'm not the neatest person in the world (just ask Joshua). A housework tidbit by The Smize Mistress: You always put some water in the pan after you cook some eggs so it comes off easy.

The house is "condemned" by Tyra, which means that the girls have to move to Hawaii. Yay..? Indubitably, money's too tight to mention. So we get Hawaii instead of Paris, Tokyo and Beijing. Kim Kardashian instead of Paulina Porizkova. Tyra Banks instead of all the fashion photographers in the industry. In spite of the economic setbacks, the girls seem genuinely thrilled by the majestic mansion in Maui, Hawaii. Jennifer, the winner of the Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Cover Girl commercial challenge, has her advertisement displayed all over the house. As much as I'd love Nicole to win, I for one would not be surprised if Jennifer won. Tyra is clearly plotting for an Asian Top Model and Jennifer, despite her static left eye, is a great candidate for that role.

You're doing a great job covering your paralyzed left eye, Jen.

For this week's elimination challenge, the models are photographed by Tyra while portraying women of mixed heritage. Apparently, the bi-racial photoshoot is rather controversial. There are six beautiful young ladies, but Tyra only has 5 photos in her hands.

Nicole, portraying a Malagasy/japanese, smizes through the top of the pack. She's even showing neck despite the huge neck-piece.
source CWTV

Jennifer portrays a Batswana/Polynesian, and covers her wonky left eye effectively. Genius.
source CWTV

Sundai is this close to being the bottom two, but I hate to admit that girlfriend works it at the set! Word-vomiting is taken aback by the fierce poses she does (look at that smize!), but it still doesn't excuse her from recycling look-to-the side poses she's done previously.
source CWTV

Brittany is asked to immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Tyra only has one photo left in her hands, you see.
source CWTV

How do you feel about ANTM Cycle 13? I'm constantly entertained by Sundai that the budget cut is buried deep in my mind. Nicole FTW!

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