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'Desperate Housewives' Recap: Don't Judge Me

Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 5: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
source ABC

The theme of this week's episode is judgment, as Mary Alice observes, "It is in our nature to judge the people around us." I couldn't help but agree with my favorite suicidal narrator. Just this afternoon, I was making judgments about the obese family I'm staying with in Sydney. Mary Alice continues to share her wisdom with tv viewers, "We make these judgments all the time, never thinking that one day we may be judged ourselves," which is true as I will never know what my overweight tenants think about me for waking up at 3 p.m. I was busy writing Ugly Betty recap last night..

I have been enjoying Season 6 thus far, granted Desperate Housewives is my favorite show. Nevertheless, I have to admit that Season 5 is the weak link of the addictive series despite the shocking death of bitchy neighbor Edie Britt (Did that really happen?!) This episode feels like a filler for me, but it's still a lot more enjoyable than most episodes in Season 5.

Gaby gets her bubble burst when the mother of a play-date tells her she's a lousy mother for leaving the girls unsupervised. Gaby's parenting skills are further questioned when the mother of the injured girl convinces every parent within 50 mile radius to ditch Juanita's birthday party. Rather than read books on parenting, Gaby decides to go out of her way to give Juanita a party of a lifetime, booking a clown (I swear i won't get clowns for my children), the biggest bouncy house you've ever seen and a monkey because children really love monkeys. As bad luck would have it, the overworked monkey goes berserk and the party turns into a freak show when the monkey attacks the clown. Despite the chaotic party, Carlos believes that Gaby is one hell of a mother when she really isn't.

Mrs. McClusky's boyfriend (aw..) / sex partner (ew..) is convinced that Lynette is emasculating Tom as she is the one who calls the shot in the family. We all know this is bullshit because Lynette has always supported Tom's dreams (hello Scavo's Pizzeria!) and passions (hello Dave's garage band!). Tom proves to be a good husband when he explains to Roy, "Lynette grew up without her dad, her mom was a drinker so she had to be responsible for everyone. It left her with this constant fear that everything could suddenly fall apart and that's why she needs to control everything." Tom and Lynette has always been Wisteria Lane's strongest couple since the first season, and they are not giving up their crown anytime soon.

Talking about couples, Bree continues her affair with Karl, leaving Orson with grocery shopping. Bree feels she is judged by the motel housekeeper who discovers her infidelity, but decides to let it go. However, Bree returns to the crime scene the next day to demand a little courtesy from the judgmental chambermaid and she gets a lecture on the pitfalls of cheating instead. But of course, Bree has to show off her housekeeping skills as she defends herself from the accusations made by the stranger. Bree is my favorite character, especially when she's showing her obsessive-compulsive disorder. Things got tricky when Bree confesses about feeling guilty, but she is unable to keep her hand off Karl's bulgy pecs.

Julie is discharged from the hospital two weeks after the incident and as we learned from the previous episode, she had an affair with Nick Bolen, the father of Danny. Danny is aware of the affair, and threatens his father that he is telling Angie about the affair whenever he gives Julie those creepy eyes. It's nice to see the ladies sit together and gossip about Katherine, who is in desperate need for professional help. Bring back poker games! Susan holds a meeting to discuss a neighborhood watch because Wisteria Lane is a very dangerous place like that. Still enraged from the fact that Katherine has been stalking her husband Mike, Susan refuses to include Katherine on the neighborhood watch.

Katherine and Susan has a face-off, despite the audience in the house.
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The girls watch in horror as Katherine unravels her crazy.
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The mentally-deranged Katherine believes that Mike is still in love with her. Seriously, I can watch Katherine go crazy for a full hour and not get sick, she's that delusional. Later that evening, Susan awakes to Julie's scream for help, and learns that someone is outside the house. Fearing for Julie's life, Susan takes a gun from Julie, which she receives from Danny earlier. Self-proclaimed "adorable crazy" Susan shoots at the person outside the window. Turns out it's our crazy friend Katherine, claiming that she is patrolling. Thankfully she's not seriously injured, just mentally unstable. Another reason why I love Bree: the way she unloads the gun is pure bliss for a geek like me. We all know how Bree gets around gun.

The Bolens realize that the gun belongs to them and it's under their real names. Real names? Burn scars?! Explosion?!! Hell, this season's mystery sure is intriguing. Angie proves to be a cunning housewife by appealing to Katherine's questionable mental state and convinces her to not call the police to look like a saint in front of Mike. And Katherine smiles (crazy!). Nick is not doing too shabby as well as he has retrieved the gun.

At the final moments of the episode, Gabrielle continues to be a negligent parent (OMG. Am I seeing child services in near future?) and Bree stares longingly at the Bible in the nightstand drawer while Karl undresses himself. Of course, my favorite housewife gives in to temptation and closes the drawer.

Word-vomiting Score: 8.0/10

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