Friday, October 30, 2009

The City Recap: Hit It and Quit It

images from MTV

Olivia meets Roxy and Erin hates Olivia. Anything new?

kelly holds a meeting for the Longchamp event.

Roxy and Whitney talking immediately after the meeting ends, you know, just because everyone talks about their ex-boyfriend after a meeting at work. Normal stuff.

Mr Orange has dinner with Whitney and he introduces his dad to her.

I can never stop commenting on how orange Freddie Fackelmayer is. Like omg, skin cancer, hello? And who the fuck introduces their dad on the, I don't know, second date?

Mr Orange knows Olivia, my favourite bitch. He also apologizes to Whitney for introducing his dad to her.

Roxy bitches about Olivia at the Longchamp event.

And of course Erin continues to hate on Olivia.

I always thought the show was unrealistic. I thought Whitney and Roxy were supposed to be working at the event? Wow, I'd love to ~work~ like that. And what about Olivia always coming into work late? Flexible working hours?

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