Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Hills Recap: Sorry Boo, Strike Two

I'm writing a recap on Halloween because it's raining really heavily and i can't give out candy to kids, and i don't have plans too, so here I am.

images from MTV

The Hills this week was made interesting by my one of new favourites, Holly Montag. But before we focus on my new favourite characters (yes, there's more than one), we have to give some attention to the ones I hate.

Jayde being her usual whiney self.

What does Brody see in Jayde? She has this plastic looking face that i can never stop hating and she looks like a full time hooker. She also has a slut face so i wish Brody breaks up with Jayde, not like I care about Brody, but more because of the fact that if he breaks up with her, she'd be more likely to get kicked off the show, and it'd be bye bye slut.

Moving on, my favourite character, Holly, continues to deal with her drinking problem.

Holly gets herself a drink the moment she's at Kristin's beach party.

As seen last episode, Holly clearly has the moves.

Holly continues to show us her hottest dance moves this week and everyone cheers her on. Stephanie being the usual backstabbing/tale-telling bitch she is, tells Heidi about Holly drinking at the party and they confront her.

They hug Holly as she breaks down (i really don't know why she cried)

And after the really emotional scene, Holly leaves (i don't know why again). Show over! (Actually they show Brody fighting with Jayde again because she's jealous of Kristin but i don't really give a fuck about the whole Jayde drama.)

I also wanted to write about my other favourite character Enzo, but i'll save that for next time.

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