Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Movie Review: "Where the Wild Things Are"


Joshua: Hey, what did you watch today?
Jefry: Where the Wild Things Are..
Joshua: How was it? I really want to see it.
Jefry: Let's get this out of the way -- it's definitely not a children film. In fact, I'd say it's a film about childhood? It's a lot darker than your average chick flicks.

Joshua: They promote it as if it's a kids' movie though.
Jefry: Precisely. The kids in my theater were getting restless and all. The movie felt long at times and it's largely plotless. But the film looked really good though, I particularly loved the natural colour palate and the creatures were surprisingly photo-real.

Joshua: So was it bad?
Jefry: Well, no. Where the Wild Things Are offers some fun sequences. It's attention to details is amazing, so kudos to whoever is responsible for the set design and cinematography. I felt that the movie was at its best whenever Max is around his mother, there were some incredibly raw moments. The young actor who played Max was extremely charming.

Joshua: Please sum up the movie in less than 7 words.
Jefry: It's a sweet movie.

Joshua: It sounds good. What would you score the film out of 10?
Jefry: I don't know. 7, maybe? Anyhow, the film is probably more appealing to grown-ups, considering the nostalgic factor of the movie. I figure kids are going to enjoy Pixar's UP better.

Editor's note: This conversation is fictional, duh. Who the fuck speaks like that in real life?!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fashion + Maths = Fashematics

Chanel, pre-Fall 2010 and Gareth Pugh, SS 2010 RTW

Jean Paul Gaulter, Fall 2009 RTW and Christian Dior, Fall 2009 Couture

Are the people at Fashematics geniuses or what? Everything in the equations seem so smart. Now, i wonder if those are the true inspirations behind the collection. (lol, obviously i know they're not!)

For more Fashematics fun, visit FASHEMATICS!

ps: I can post this under Art because Lady Gaga calls her music art so why can't this be art?!

Gift/ Christmas Post/ I'm bad with titles

Besides your birthday, there aren't many other occasions when you can make a list of all the things you want without getting judged for being materialistic or whatever people like to say.

Henrik Vibskov D Jacket in Blue (cute model not included) and Raf Simons High Top Sneakers, both from Forward by Revolve
Raf Simons Mirror Brooch and Ann Demeulemeester Military Style Wool Cardigan, both from Browns
Illustrations by Kate Sutton

So this is my Christmas list, and obviously I can't afford any of the stuff here right now, and sadly, no one loves me enough to buy any of them for me.

But realistically, I'd be happy with anything, like these omg stunningly chic toys from Muji.

Hello solar system? How cool is that?!

Train station, Airport and Dock wooden toy sets

And they are pretty affordable gifts too (is anybody reading this?!).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hermès × Tokujin Yoshioka

It's so stunning omg.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stunning Stamps

Lanvin Postage Stamps by Alber Elbaz. So pretty.

Friday, December 4, 2009

totes sorrows

I haven't posted in a week again. I'm really busy with school and I haven't spoken to Jefry for a long time since he's Indonesia (i hope he hasn't died!), but i spent $300 today so I have a new purchase post to make!

picture of stunning Hugo for your time.