Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Movie Review: "Where the Wild Things Are"


Joshua: Hey, what did you watch today?
Jefry: Where the Wild Things Are..
Joshua: How was it? I really want to see it.
Jefry: Let's get this out of the way -- it's definitely not a children film. In fact, I'd say it's a film about childhood? It's a lot darker than your average chick flicks.

Joshua: They promote it as if it's a kids' movie though.
Jefry: Precisely. The kids in my theater were getting restless and all. The movie felt long at times and it's largely plotless. But the film looked really good though, I particularly loved the natural colour palate and the creatures were surprisingly photo-real.

Joshua: So was it bad?
Jefry: Well, no. Where the Wild Things Are offers some fun sequences. It's attention to details is amazing, so kudos to whoever is responsible for the set design and cinematography. I felt that the movie was at its best whenever Max is around his mother, there were some incredibly raw moments. The young actor who played Max was extremely charming.

Joshua: Please sum up the movie in less than 7 words.
Jefry: It's a sweet movie.

Joshua: It sounds good. What would you score the film out of 10?
Jefry: I don't know. 7, maybe? Anyhow, the film is probably more appealing to grown-ups, considering the nostalgic factor of the movie. I figure kids are going to enjoy Pixar's UP better.

Editor's note: This conversation is fictional, duh. Who the fuck speaks like that in real life?!

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