Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Brown: He Can Transform Ya

We don't approve of Chris Brown here on Word-Vomiting. Mostly because of the annoying songs he releases, and the fact that he escapes jail time loses him mega cool points. Remember the shit he did to Rihanna?

It's only a matter of time before she covers Britney's "Hit Me Baby One More Time".
source TMZ

Hence, Imagine the horror on our faces when we learned that Chris Brown is dropping a new album in December. In fact, snippets of his new video has already hits the internets, and we barf a little in our mouths when we watch it. So I guess this video is the way to go for amateur bulimics out there.

More about the video, Chris Brown is shown wearing a counter-terrorist costume of some sort (because he's a changed man like that), but he really looks more like a terrorist instead. And he's trying to channel Beyonce?! A transformer makes an appearance and Chris Brown does the robot. Apparently he's still a rebel inside because he just has to spray paints on the camera. Well the moral of the story is: Chris Brown can transform ya into a bloody hot mess. And don't play with fire.

What do you think about Chris Brown's new video? Is it too soon? Will it be another number 1 hit for Brown?

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