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'Ugly Betty' Recap: It's Time To Take Amanda Seriously

Ugly Betty EP 3 Season 4: Blue On Blue
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Ugly Betty always struck me as a charming escapism, the colorful set designs and witty lines never fail to deliver. Hence the surprise when I learned about the sharp fall in ratings the show garnered thus far this season. The fan-favorite show is no longer the ratings powerhouse it once was. However, I'm glad to say that the quality of the show has not decrease one bit. In fact, I enjoyed this episode more than the season premiere.

The episode starts with a hilarious line by Hilda's salon customer, "Betty take it easy. I like it rough but only on the weekends. If you know what I mean." This is exactly my feelings toward the show's previous two seasons. Ugly Betty doesn't work when it takes itself too seriously. Apparently, Betty has made one too many enemies in MODE, her ex Matt refuses to give her a proper chair during a meeting and Marc just has to sabotage her interview with the new Gucci designer Evan York.

Marc managed to guilt Amanda into helping him with his plan to take down Betty.
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On the other side of town, Daniel attends a support group meeting to help him go through the death of his fiance.
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Is it just me or does the goth chick Natalie look exactly like Tina Fey (30 Rock). The moment Daniel hands Natalie his phone, I know she is a potential romantic interest for Daniel. (Bring back the womanizing Daniel, writers!) My premonition is proven correct when Daniel brings Natalie to a swimming pool and the two broken-hearted romantics remove their clothes and go skinny-dipping. I was expecting an underwater kiss but the writers decide to go against the cliched storyline. Instead, we learn that Natalie is not ready for sex because her ex-boyfriend passed away two months earlier.

Betty tried her best to convince Matt that she's having a great time with her "date". Hilarity ensues.
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After the disastrous interview with the famed designer, Betty pays Amanda a visit. Amanda once again proves that she does not have the attention span of a fly by convincing Betty to get over Matt. Uh oh, so Amanda is attracted to Matt now? Uh oh, are we getting another love-triangle? As Glee's Mercede's put it best, "Hell to the NO!!" I'm with the writers whenever they try to give Amanda a more substantial storyline, but honestly, I'm not thrilled about more love-triangles in Ugly Betty, especially after Gio-Betty-Henry. Season 2 and 3 were such snooze fests because threesomes always lead to nowhere.

The final moments of the episode further emphasize the feelings Matt and Betty have for each other, and Betty looking more glamorous than she ever has. When will she remove those braces. It's been more than three years now.

Best line of the episode: "You don't use me for your little schemes. We use people together! Text you when I'm over it." --- Amanda, once again proving she's more than just a pretty face.

Word-Vomiting Score: 7.8/10

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