Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Hills: I'm Done With You

Seriously, how many times have we heard "I'm done with you!" or "I can't do this anymore!" from Audrina.

source MTV

In this episode, there are many of those classic bitching scenes which are so typical of The Hills.

Here they are bitching talking about Kristin going to Heidi's birthday party.
all screencaps by word-vomiting

This is what keeps me coming back season after season. Can they just make Lo a main character already? She'd be so good in a fight. Like seriously, that girl can pull some hair.

And now they fight!

Kristin: Hey, we need to talk.
Audrina: There's nothing to talk about bitch! *wave hands in the air*
Kristin: But we were never friends blah blah blah..

Heidi and Stephanie watch because that's what you do when your friends fight!

Audrina: Bitch please. Justin told me he doesn't like you and he can't get over me.
Kristin: Fuck you. I'm done with you.
Audrina: Mai yan mai!

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