Friday, November 27, 2009

Watering Down

omg i've been so busy i haven't had time to update. i haven't gone shopping in three weeks, and although i've watched shows like The Hills and The City, and the final episode of ANTM, I haven't had the time to screencap those and write stuff about them.

So enough about me, and to shoes!

Christian Dior Fall 2007

Ok, almost everyone should know that this is one of my favourite collections from Dior since I had a picture of the ad in my file for almost a year. And of course, if I like this collection, it's pretty obvious I like the Spring 2007 Couture collection from Dior too, since this is pretty much the same, but watered down.

Watered down version.
source thecookiejar

Anyway, I found this picture while reading thecookiejar. I remember being obsessed with this pair of shoes because they had them in almost every colour and they were hot favourites with magazines. (and i had the ad in my file, always remember that!)

Can you imagine how disappointed I was to see that? I remembered playing with the green pair in Dior 2 years ago (they were selling at half price) and I don't remember the heel being so short so i don't know.

SO POINT IS: Shoes should be painful and pretty and for people to look at. If you want comfort go look at crocs or uggs or whatever.

ok since i'm at it let's compare what i have in my wardrobe to runway pieces. erm, almost all of them are from the marc by marc jacobs spring 2008 collection (another favourite of mine).

ok i got lazy so I only photographed two items.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008/ excuse the bad photography, totally not a "i love taking pictures" person

Isn't the runway version more awesome? I really like the colour blocking. This cardigan always reminds me how I was looking at a Burberry jacket which i thought was too expensive and so i got this, only realizing they were the same price! daang.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008/ excuse my creased shirt/ bad photography

Once again, the runway version proves to be more fabulous. The only reaction I got wearing this shirt was "What the fuck?" or "your shirt is weird". Don't people see how cute and whimsical it is?! Amateurs.

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