Friday, November 6, 2009

'ANTM' Recap: Free-diving

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13: Dive Deeper
source LA Times

I really am a sucker for reality television, mainly because of the fact that I take great delight in the misfortunes of others. Hence, imagine the look on my face when Sundai vaguely mentions she grew up in foster care. She promises to share the full story of her plight if she makes it to the top 4. It's probably a very juicy story as she mentions, "Get tissues." Cue sad music. Cue close-ups of Sundai's face. And then the camera cut to her sucking her thumb like a vulnerable little girl. We are only 3 minutes into the episode and emotions are already blowing out of proportions.

The models hit the beach the next day for a challenge which includes getting sand all over your body and taking arousing model showers.

Tyra makes sure the girls are covered in sand because getting sandy is an essential modeling skill like that.

Evidently, Laura doesn't mind to be served as masturbation fodder for teenage boys and sexually-confused girls all over the nation.

She even touches her boobs while showering. It's all about fan-service guys.

This week's elimination challenge is an underwater photo-shoot.

Jennifer wins best picture of the week because she manages to cover her paralyzed left eye and do the barbie toes at the same time. Multi tasking!
all photoshoot images from CWTV

On the other hand, Nicole forgets to do the barbie toes. Gotta give props to the smizing girl though, I can't even open my eyes underwater.

Erin dives right into the bottom two.

Sundai is asked to immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home, which makes me really disappointed because I'm really eager to hear the whole story of her supposedly tough childhood.

So I'd like to dedicate the last paragraph of the recap to my favorite African American ANTM contestant. She has brought us much laughter and the same smize-to-the-side poses week after week. And the way she stands there on the judging runway crying is truly heartbreaking. Farewell Sundai.

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