Friday, November 6, 2009

Wasting Money Online

The stuff i ordered online previously have finally arrived. So after finishing all my school work, I braved the rain in a ~chic wolf~ outfit (oversized grey sweater, really Missoni F/W 2009) to collect my shoes that came in a huge ass box.

ASOS Leather Perforated Lace-Up Shoes worn with green socks from Uniqlo

The shoes were a size bigger but they fit well and they're comfortable. And they were only £23. Gee, my ankles look so tan.

Other than those shoes, my stuff from Etsy also came on the same day, but they were small enough to be placed in the mailbox so i got them on Tuesday night when I came home from school. Coming home to packages are so exciting, it's almost as good as getting an orgasm, just saying.

The tuna can brooch was really nice but it wasn't a pin at the back so I kinda ruined it when i tried removing the clip. Dang. And the corsage pin thing was kinda different from the picture so I screamed "SCAMMERS!" when I opened it.

My mom's reaction to the corsage pin was "I'll show you how to make one when i find some cloth on Saturday." lol love it.

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