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ANTM: Hawaiian Hip-Hop

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13: Hawaiian Hip-Hop
source LA Times

This episode is kinda boring if you're expecting girl drama and all. But if you're like me, and you like watching the girls dance, then you're in for a treat. I really loved the challenge, where the girls did the Hawaiian hulu-hip-hop, and of course since they're not really dancers, it was fall-off-your-seat funny.

Jennifer, our favourite 3P threat (petite, partially paralyzed), does her thang.
screen caps by Word-Vomiting

Laura really moves those hips.

Remember how last week Laura was being all masturbatory material for young teenage boys and sexually confused teenage girls? This week, she doesn't fail to deliver by working those country girl hips. And she really gets down and dirty.

Nicole was one hot hula mess.

Her performance was so bad, I watched it not one, not two, but three times, just for laughs. Well, I also watched Jennifer's and Laura's performance twice because it was hilarious especially when they worked it. But Nicole's performance was the cherry on top of it all. Even Miss J couldn't resist doing a rendition of it.

Prize was an all expense paid trip to Maui and they'd be staying in the Four Seasons Hotel. Laura, despite not knowing what the Four Seasons Hotel is, was screaming and thanking jesus when she won. And of course she deserved it with those bootilicious moves of hers and she picked Jennifer to go with her on the trip after the cycle was over, because 1) she's genuinely nice, and 2) she's a 3P friend.

moving on to the photo shoot, the girls are stunned/shocked/taken aback/dumbfounded (just trying to work on my synonyms here) when Mr Jay tells them that two girls are going home this week. Oh wait, look at Jennifer for a moment please.

Jennifer when she learns that she has to dance first and when she finds out that two girls would be eliminated.

Mr Jay to Jennifer: Ok Jennifer, you can close your mouth now!

By the way, Jennifer is by far my favourite contestant in terms of personality. She's always cheerful and she looks like the kind where you'd want to be friends with her because she's so nice.

Jennifer channeling Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess or whatever.
photo shoot images from CWTV

I thought Jennifer's photo was good. She looks kinda goddess-y there but idk, maybe they were racist.

Whatever, I've nothing to say about her.

Erin is the prettiest. She looks high fashion and all but she's one of those that I wish would get run over by a bus. You know what? Erin should have gone home last week because Sundai would have totally rocked the Hawaiian hula-hip-hop. OMG JUST THINK ABOUT IT! It's perfect.

Looks like a fat cow to me.

I'm only hating on Laura because Jennifer clearly looks better than Laura but the judges don't think so. And I could quote one of those things I've learnt in school about the writer being biased and seem really intelligent but clearly I don't really pay attention in class so, oh well.

Nicole being stunning as usual.

I know Jennifer, I'm crying for you too.

Jennifer really deserved to be in the final two more than Laura. I don't hate Laura or anything but I'd rather see Jennifer working her disabled paralytic left eye on the final runway show. Nicole maybe the only one that really deserves to win, but even if she wins, she wouldn't be a high-fashin model as promised because none of the ANTM winners ever get hired! So they can kiss my not fat but cute ass.

Oh yeah, in case you're an idiot and didn't get that Erin and Jennifer were eliminated, then there it is for you. Peace and love.

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