Thursday, November 12, 2009

The City: Friends and Foe-Workers

source MTV

Drama ensues in The City, and another city. The girls are, coincidentally, all sent to Miami Fashion Week. The star for this episode has to be Kelly. It's like she ate five children and she's still hungry.

Roxy, ever the idiot, doesn't bring a pen to a meeting and is scolded by Kelly Cutrone.
All screencaps by Word-Vomiting

Kelly tells Roxy that they're in a recession and People's Revolution must be the only company growing and if they want to keep their job, they have to step it up. Wow, MTV must be paying Kelly a lot to keep Roxy there. Oh, and after Roxy gets scolded, she's sent to Miami Fashion Week. Why? God knows.

Elle on the other hand, must be holding up really well! Are those first class seats we see?

Erin clearly hates Olivia, because they only talk at the start of the plane ride. (Or maybe when the cameras were turned off, they proceeded to gab about American Idol and braid each others hair.)

So i guess there was no braiding of hair after all.

Miami time! Whitney and Roxy share a room, duh, and Roxy wants to party, so they do.

They meet Whitney's friend Nick, and Roxy gets it on. He also says she's very free, god knows what he means.

Whitney leaves the room on cue from the producers and when she came back, her friends were gone. So the next day when Whitney and Roxy see one another at the fashion show (i thought they shared a room?), they fight and Kelly tells them to fuck off.

Party for Elle, organized by Erin. Erin tells Olivia about trade shows and shit but Olivia doesn't want to go to any.

After party at Elle, thrown for Erin!

Olivia must clearly be doing more jobs than she's supposed to do (maybe that explains the smooth skin she has!), because Joe always saves her ass. And every week, I anticipate the huge scene where Olivia is fired, but it never happens. Stop teasing me like that MTV.

Kelly confronts the two bitches about their quarrel at the Fashion Show and they better watch their back.

Roxy, ever the dumb slut, like omg really, talks about Kelly to Whitney, even before she walks away. And of course, this results in a backlash.

Roxy and Whitney also put $200 of room service on the hotel bill and Kelly tells them 1) to fuck off (again), 2) that she's taking $100 out of their pay and 3) to eat at Taco Bell next time.

And of course she flips them off, Trang Pak style. Mai yan mai!

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