Friday, April 16, 2010

High Society Episode 6 Recap

I declare episode six of High Society the hottest episode to date. Every scene involves someone quarreling (if you exclude one scene of Tinsley of course) and drinks are thrown, which I really like seeing.

All screencaps by Word-vomiting

Alex comes over to Tinsley's place.

Tinsley was doing her hair and makeup for some party and Alex comes over to talk about an article where Devorah was quoted saying "She was a Park Avenue princess but now she lives in Chelsea."

Dale, being the annoying one, can't take it anymore and feels the need to protect her little girl.

Kiss, kiss. Smile, smile. Chit chat.

I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! (sounds familiar?)

lol for real?

So because Dale is so intimidating, Devorah feels very hurt that Tinsley was making use of her and she breaks down.

Devorah is such a pussy! I expected some scene, but it was such a let down. But she makes up for it later on.

Pool party for some bikini line.

Devorah is the face of some bikini line and it's her party or something I don't really care. And of course there's no drama without Jules Kirby!

So Jules appears and says it is a bad party with like 10 girls from America's Next Top Model. Jules should really watch out because Aleisha may just see her on the streets and cut her.

Lots of crazy eyes. Even the guy behind Devorah is shocked.

Truth is, they were screaming at each other at the same time, you couldn't really hear what they were saying, so all you could do was focus on Devorah's crazy eyes.

This part is most likely scripted because all the other people in the room didn't seem to care about them at all.

Drinks are thrown

Devorah thinks Jules is a coward for walking away and she can't take it anymore, so she throws a drink at her. Of course, this can't be done without a cute guy following her.

In other news:

Crazy mom meets a matchmaker because she feels like she needs to get back in the game after watching Tinsley date.

Jules and Dabney meet to talk about the hotel incident. Boring stuff.

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