Monday, April 12, 2010

High Society Episode 5 Recap

All screencaps by Word-vomiting

I really wanted to do a recap but I only managed to download it today so it's kinda old news I guess. But nevertheless, there's still lots of crazy eyes, backstabbing and fakeness in your face.

So Jules leaked some lame story about Paul breaking these hideous lights at someone's corridor and Paul wants revenge. I mean seriously? That news isn't really worth reporting and it has been repeated for like two episodes.

"I'd like to say 'Thanks bitch..." Yeah bitch, B-I-T-C-H... 'i'm hotter than ever. xoxo PJC"

Paul thinks that the Page Six story wasn't as bad as what he expected so he decided to celebrate by going out. But before that, he orders some black flowers for Jules, and of course, this is done with such good taste.

I've to admit, though childish, I really like the note and how the florist spelt it lol.

ok so we all know why this is here again...

Scrap that. Two words: Hot mess.

So they went to celebrate Paul's "victory" lol, and they were high and drinking and dancing when Tommy suddenly left and cried. Maybe I was supposed to feel sad (?) but all I could do was laugh. And his excuse for crying was because he only wanted to spend time with Paul and be alone? idk lol wtf.

Jules teaches the cleaning lady how to make her bed.

Jules rudeness has taken a toll on her stay at the Empire Hotel.

I'm so disappointed by this scene to be honest. I expected some hot showdown like maybe her attacking the cleaning lady or having a brawl with the hotel manager. To think that she just left the hotel in her sneakers and a hoodie! She just lost her place as my favourite character. And the person who's replacing her is:

DEVORAH ROSE! Can you just look at this bitch. Look at those crazy eyes of hers. You can just see the crazy in her. Here she is, telling everyone that she is pissed with Tinsley and how this is war lol.

Why have a house in the Hamptons when you can wear it?

Here's the crazy bitch, picking out three million dollars worth of jewelery to wear to this event. And the only reason I think she's there is to snub Tinsley, but that's what makes me like her. It's the crazy eyes.

And you must be wondering, where the fuck is Tinsley? I know she's the "STAR" but she's so dull. Her storyline revolves around her mom (like seriously?) and a bit of Devorah Rose, but that's all. And there isn't even a showdown between her and Devorah yet, so this better be hot.

Mandatory crazy mom recap:

Craaaaaazy again.

Dale takes Tinsely to New Port or whatever to visit her friends and to be on the committee of some benefit that some preservation group is throwing. And this guy shows Tinsley some portrait and how that person got divorce and it was a big social scandal. All you could see on Tinsley's face was "WTF!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

The place you were in earlier was huge but you choose to have a heart to heart conversation standing in the cold?!

So blah blah blah they have a heart to heart conversation and crazy lady makes up with her daughter.

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