Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hating Behind A Screen

Because we're such haters (we even listen to the Hater Podcast every week), we're here to hate on stuff. Behind a screen. (Jefry thought of the topic)

This is the internet, how else am I supposed to hate?

Firstly Glee.

Image source: screenrant

Yes, it's not too bad of a TV show, but it's too overrated. Everytime someone tells me how much they love Glee, I vomit a little in my mouth. Then I word vomit. Or keep quiet because you're not supposed to hate that much in real life.

But think about it: If there weren't any of those catchy tunes, would you still watch the show?

Too much of the story focuses on Mr Schuster. The lame story line about his wife Terri faking pregnancy and him falling in love with Emma has to get the fuck out.

And isn't the series supposed to be about the Glee Club? Singing a few songs together every episode does not make a story ok?

And can we just look at this:

Image source: Gettyimages

If you follow Lady Gaga on twitter, you should find her really annoying. Almost 90% of her updates are on how much she loves her little monsters(fans) and how she wants to liberate them with her music.

I always think, how do you liberate people with her music? Or, how do you liberate people with music?! I know it's great she appreciates her fans, but updating almost everyday about it? You make me speechless, so speechless.

And she used a permanent marker to draw on a Birkin. I think I almost fainted.

P.S: i like watching glee and i know all the words to lady gaga songs. But I don't have to hear about them everyday. I need to liberate myself in that way.

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