Thursday, January 14, 2010

Simon Cowell's Replacement


By now most of you must have heard about Simon's Cowell's departure from hit TV karaoke-show American Idol. While some viewers are hung up on the news (believe it or not some fans are still mourning the loss of Paula Abdul), I'm excited about the possibilities for the upcoming season - who shall replace the mean British judge.

I'd like to nominate a larger-than-life entertainer who I believe will be a great addition to the show.

No, I'm not talking about half-naked Jesus Luz with the blue eyes and thoroughly tanned bod. Look at the lady instead. Now, I know you can almost see peen, but look at the lady. Yes, it's Madonna.

Madonna is a pop icon, and has entertained the world for more than three decades (damn!), surely she knows a thing or two about the music industry and artistry. The woman is outspoken and fearless, and has continuously re-invent the pop scene with provocative images and lyrics with sexual connotations. Besides, she's shown a nurturing side despite a cold exterior she usually displays in public.

What do you think about Madonna replacing Simon Cowell on the show? Are you thrilled that Simon is leaving? And were you entertained by this joker?

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