Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trend Alert: Scram Bracelet

Trendy since 2007

I mean, seriously. Just looking at Lindsay's new scram bracelet makes me want to put a black Casio watch around my ankle.

Future Chanel Collaboration

Chanel should help a gal out! If Chanel can make stuff like basketballs and dumbbells, they should make stickers or maybe even an interchangeable strap for the scram bracelet!

Chanel Spring/Summer 2008
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Something like that would be great for Lindsay. You know, cause living in sin is the new thing.


Anonymous said...

What a disgusting slut. I would feel sorry for her parents, but they are probably culpable on all accounts.
Wouldn't touch her with a deloused, disinfected, sterilised barge pole.

Anonymous said...

You know you'd still hit that