Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Moments of 2009-2010 Season Finales

We have decided to compile some of the best moments of the 2009-2010 season finales. Heavy spoilers ahead.

Desperate Housewives: It's in the detonator.
There are many surprising revelations in the season finale of Desperate Housewives -the baby switch springs to mind, but the following moment might just be the best of them all.

High Society: Devorah Rose steals the show.
The second Devorah mentions a bikini photoshoot, we are sure the season finale is about to be the best episode of the series. And of course the editor of Social Life magazine proves us right.

Photoshoot 101: Play with the sand and swing your head like nobody's business.

The image above is awesome because it brings two things to attention: first, Devorah Rose's distractingly disproportional head to body ratio and second, the moment she has a nervous breakdown.

And the following are the most revealing sentences uttered on first season of High Society.

"I'm upset. I don't wanna be a socialite, I just wanna be myself. That's all I want and so I freak out. Can you stop shooting? Stop. Stop! Can you fucking stop? I'm just, like, over it. I'm over people being mean to me. It's like you read the Page Six magazine thing.. it's just, like, I don't.. I don't wanna be a socialite. I'm not a wannabe anything. I'm me! You know, and, like, who are these people that are allowed to say things about me that aren't true. They can twist anything in my life to make it look horrible. Why do people want to make a mockery of me every day of my life. Why can't they just be nice to me? Why is it so hard for people to be nice!" - Devorah Rose

30 Rock: I do do

"You're being another woman behind my back?" - Jenna, to Paul
“Maybe I’m old fashioned, but when a girl dates a straight man who impersonates her on stage for mostly gay audiences, she has certain expectations. Fidelity, Paul! It’s not just the name of a bank that sued me.” — Jenna, whose bachelorette party theme will be “Sluts”

Liz is going to live with a man in Nineveh and become a prostitute due to her stalling for Jack.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14: The Return of Nicole

Krista and Raina are competing to be America's Next Top "Model", but it was Nicole Fox, menstruation cycle 13 winner, who is the star of the runway.

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