Thursday, March 18, 2010

High Society Episode 1 Recap

Totally did not expect this hiatus, citing usual reasons, kkkinda busy etc. But now that there are more dumb, bitchy shows to watch, there can be more updates.

All screencaps by wordvomiting

It's similar to The Hills seems kinda scripted and has some really hot characters. Featuring Tinsley Mortimer and some party people. And obviously the main reason for the show is to feature Tinsley as a glamorous party goer, but she is human and has feelings/her own problems etc. Original? Yes. Very original.

Despite poor ratings, it is really entertaining and I pray to the high heavens that it won't get canceled!

Tinsley crying about her divorce

I thought this part seemed pretty scripted? Like wow, calm down. I guess crying in a room full of sound and camera people is pretty normal right? She's a normal human being remember?

Totally love the way she doesn't tear when she cries. Absolutely fabulous, since her make up won't be ruined. Gotta learn how to do that sometime.

And why does she still have her ex-husband's last name if she's divorced and felt sad in her marriage?!

Jules Kirby

She's going to become my favourite character cause her opening line was "I think people are so jealous of me because I'm smart and I'm pretty." She also said how she sometimes uses the N word.

In other words, she's a crazy bitch and everyone loves crazy bitches on TV.

I can totally relate to this scene.

Paul Johnson Calderon is such a spendthrift I love it! Asking his mom for money, buying people drinks, calling someone to make him a bubble bath etc. He also does whatever he wants, including tossing a can out of the limo window, which Jefry and I use to do all the time. No limo though.

And now is the highlight of the episode.

we all know why this is here.

So long story short, everyone is in the same club (duh) and Paul decides to throw a drink at Jules, but she turned and it hit some other chick in the eye. (Yes, I thought that was very entertaining.)

And Jules calls the cops and Paul escapes in a cab. I just love how serious Jules is. Calling the cops because of a drink being thrown at someone. Plain classy.